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100 Keywords for Reading Papers in the Field of Psychiatry!
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2013年7月 (Hot topics賞受賞、short talkにも選抜)


第40回日本神経科学大会 教育講演(幕張)
情動の神経基盤 ~ 負情動という「価値」はどのように作られるか?
Watabe A.M., Sato M, Kato F.
Nociceptive Amygdala is Actively Involved in Fear Learning.
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Involvement of Nociceptive Amygdala in Fear Learning.
Gordon research conferenceAmygdala in Health and Disease”
Short talk (MA, USA)
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The role of nociceptive amygdala in fear learning.
第36回日本神経科学大会【座長:渡部文子、Thomas J. McHugh(京都)
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Synaptic Potentiation in the Nociceptive Amygdala Following Fear Learning in Mice.
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Roles of NMDA Receptor Phosphorylation in the Amygdala